My mom wants me to be a billionaire

I just got off the phone with my mother. I pick up the phone and she says “Why is it that I have 2 of the smartest children in the world in one house and they aren’t making 1.5 billion dollars?” Now, I’m in the middle of fighting with DIALOG Web (which by the way is terrible in comparison to DIALOG Classic – another post) and I don’t have a clue what she’s talking about. Turns out that the news was announcing Google’s purchase (for $1.65 billion) of YouTube.

It’s great to have a mother who has that much faith in me (by the way the other child she was talking about was my husband – who hasn’t done any programming since college). After her rant about how we weren’t making billions of dollars – she says “So, what is it?” – “What is what?” – “YouTube”. So the news took the time to announce the purchase, but forgot to tell people what YouTube is. So I told my mother and she says “They made billions of dollars because they made some movies?” And I corrected her “No, they made money because they made a place for people to put their videos.” – “That’s it???” And then she went into some more ranting about not being rich. It was a fun conversation and I wanted to share it with you all. The sad thing is that she’s right – these two guys who are my age are now made men because they created a site where people could store and share their videos!!

Well, back to searching DIALOG 🙁


  1. I cannot believe that you shared my most “intimate” thoughts on a public venue such as this…. Almost the same as setting up a site for “I have nothing better to do with my life” people to share their most mundane stories on a place called “You Tube” (that is the right name, right?).
    Maybe, the “grown-up” in this family needs to come up with a way to get Google to recognize her…. Let the games begin!!

  2. You really blew it now, Nicole. Your mom is totally going to post all of your most embarrassing childhood videos to YouTube.

  3. HEHE 🙂 Steve, I have no worries – first I don’t think my mom has any videos – and if she does she’ll never figure out how to digitize them without my help 🙂

    Mom – do a search for my name on Google – they know I’m here 😉 hehe

  4. I get the same thing from my mom and she doesn’t even use a computer. I have to print out my pages and snail mail them to her 🙂

    As librarians our richness comes in more lasting ways than money!

  5. MY DEAR SWEET CHILD and Fruit of my Loins:

    First, thank you Steve, for giving us “ole'” folk their due… (not like my offspring, who’s breath would not be if not for me; who’s scars from her entrance into this world, I will carry forever…) NOW, my sweet innocent “first born” perfection of all that is real in my world, let me confer with dear Steve that I can, at will, produce and (although it may take me a while) submit the most “intimate” and possibly embarassing moments of your life and I, at my discretion, can submit for all public review, any and all videos (oh, my dear, I do have them) that may ingratiate me into the “Popular Group” known as UTube or UTrip or is it UPee..(help me child, I am so feeble)….
    ps.hey Nicole, wanna “take” a tan????? xxoo

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