SLA Reception

I have just gotten back from the SLA reception (and after party). I had such a great time I got to talk to so many people about so many things I’m passionate about! The reception was hosted by InfoToday for the SLA members because they had just held their board meetings here in Monterey (I think I got that right) and the food and wine was great!! The best part was talking to so many people from SLA from such different backgrounds and areas. I was able to have some techie talk time as well as some general girl talk 😉

After the reception (which I have pictures of and will eventually upload) I went out for coffee (tea for me) with some fellow conference goers/presenters. It was fun to listen to everyone share their stories from previous conferences – and it was a great way to keep me awake.

On that note – it’s 8:30pm here which is 11:30pm at home and I’ve been up since 3:45am (home time) so it’s time for me to crash – I have a busy day ahead.

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