The Smallest Airport

So I have arrived here in Monterey (with more bags than I care to tell you about). Turns out that Monterey has the smallest airport I have ever been in! You get off the plane by walking down these scary steps and then you have to walk a while (outside – it was a nice day) before you get into the terminal – and by terminal I mean one room with a few desks for you to checkin and another room is a metal – um – can’t think of a word – but it’s the replacement for the baggage claim belts you’re used to seeing. So you stand around in the baggage claim room and wait for the truck to come along with your bags. It comes in and parks next to the claim area and 2 men place you bags on the metal table – and since the “belt” doesn’t move you have to push and shove & bump into people to get to your bags.

So finally, I’m out of the airport and it turns out that the airport isn’t the only thing that’s small – the fleet of taxi’s ain’t so big either. There are 2 companies and no taxis. So we wait in a line with 20-30 other librarians and slowly the cabs come in pairs to whisk us away!

The point of this rant is that I’m here – in an amazing room and I am exhausted and ready for bed – but I can’t go to bed just yet (mostly cause it’s 4:30pm here) because I have an SLA reception to go to and then a dine-around with other web geeks like me 😉

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  1. You should come to some of my airports/flight strips. There are NO buildings. In some of the villages, the flight agent picks you up on the snow machine and takes you to the strip 2 minutes before the plane arrives. I had to laugh when I made my arrangements once and the person I was talking to reminded me to get the airport an hour early. I figured she had never been to a village. Have fun and thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. I am bound and determined to cut back on the number of bags I carry when I fly due to the changes in what one can carry on and the realization that I cannot continue to carry (lug/roll) a laptop. I’m in the market for something smaller…!

    Perhaps we should start a conversation somewhere about what electronics, etc., people are carrying in order to carry less (rather than the more, more, more that seems to be happening).

    BTW I “love” that commercial where the businessperson gets on the plan with only a PDA and then uses it in a meeting to run his presentation. Now if only it could do Word, etc…

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