1. You should come to some of my airports/flight strips. There are NO buildings. In some of the villages, the flight agent picks you up on the snow machine and takes you to the strip 2 minutes before the plane arrives. I had to laugh when I made my arrangements once and the person I was talking to reminded me to get the airport an hour early. I figured she had never been to a village. Have fun and thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. I am bound and determined to cut back on the number of bags I carry when I fly due to the changes in what one can carry on and the realization that I cannot continue to carry (lug/roll) a laptop. I’m in the market for something smaller…!

    Perhaps we should start a conversation somewhere about what electronics, etc., people are carrying in order to carry less (rather than the more, more, more that seems to be happening).

    BTW I “love” that commercial where the businessperson gets on the plan with only a PDA and then uses it in a meeting to run his presentation. Now if only it could do Word, etc…

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