1. Cant get much more open than open source and open standards. Did anyone ask Talis if they were using either? Or publishing either? :)

  2. No one did ask – but I’m sure you could – they’re very open as far as communication goes. I think that some of the modules they’re offering are open source – but I’m not 100% sure on that without checking – and I’m too tired to do that right now :) I’ll get back to you.

  3. Chris

    good questions, indeed. I’m grabbing a few moments here between sessions, but can provide more detail later if you’d like.

    For now, though, check out tdn.talis.com, especially the sections around Talis Keystone (open source toolkit, freely accessible sandbox site, etc) and the Talis Platform (open apis, providing access to open data).

    Project Cenote (cenote.talis.com/) is also worth a look; an application built very rapidly atop a number of our apis; apis that you could build a completely different application with to meet your own needs if you wanted to. Cenote is part of an ongoing shift from building an application and (maybe, begrudgingly) opening up some functionality via an api or two at a later date… toward gathering together a whole Platform of inter-connected apis and then encouraging anybody to build ‘competing’ applications that consume them.

    On the Open Standards, we’ve also been heavily involved in things like VIEWS, and continue to engage with W3C, Creative Commons, and others…

    If you, or anyone, would like more details, feel free to get in touch.

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