Cool Tools

Cool Tools for Webmasters from Darlene & Frank:

  • Site Maps
  • Bling
    Create Flash animations
  • Maps
  • Yahoo! User Interface Library
  • Flickr
    • Captionr!
    • ColrPickr (search for pictures by color)
    • retrievr (search for pictures like yours)
  • More Photos
    • Web Gallery Creator (goes through directories on your computer and creates pages with pictures and thumbnails)
    • BIMP Lite (compresses photos in batch mode)
    • Gliffy (quickly draw and share diagrams on the web)
  • For Libraries
  • Firefox
  • Learn more from Darlene’s Furl List – and hopefully the ppt will be online soon so I can link to that – because this is just the list I was able to catch 🙂

    [update]Darlene put up the slides[/update]

    [update2]Kate Carter has created a list on of all of the tools mentioned[/update2]

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    1. Oooh.. I really needed Duplicate Tab. Thanks!

    2. For creating screencasts/tutorials you may want to try camstudio – see: It’s free and a little easier to use than wink. great postings.

    3. Free seems to be more powerful compare to commercial
      BTW, is it against TOS to charge fee for access to Google Maps API?

    4. I’ve been using Gliffy for a while and really like it. There’s a competitor out there called Cumulate Draw. It doesn’t have the features as Gliffy but doesn’t need Flash. I’ve just written a review at my blog. My blog is to uninstall ALL applications from my desktop and replace it with online tools. Check the review out at:

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