KMW2006 – Enterprise Blogs for Knowledge Exchange

This was the session I presented in, but first I listened to Ted Graham talk about blogs at Hill & Knowlton. My favorite thing about Ted’s talk was that his blog is titled “Collective Conversation” – what a great name.

Before Hill & Knowlton has blogs, they noticed that a few of their staff was blogging on their own – anonymously. H&K wanted to bring that blogging in house and let the staff blog under the H&K banner without any restrictions on what they can write about (with the exception of the obvious – nothing confidential). This allowed the staff to talk in their own voice and in turn give the company a human feel – and since it was a group blog, no one person had to keep it up and running. In addition to the external benefits, the blogs lead to new groups and collaboration among the past.

It sounds like a great project! One audience member (well at least the one who spoke up) was concerned about legal action taken against the company due to something that was blogged about – and Ted told us that there hadn’t been any problems like that. Also, the staff have all been really great about what they’ve written – nothing petty or rude about each other, the company, or the clients. I think that (provided your employees are happy) you’ll find this is the case in most places – the staff just want to be provided with a voice and will use it only for good 🙂

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