What an interesting analogy

Martin Cleaver makes an interesting connection based on David Weinberger’s keynote at KMWorld & Intranets last week.

Dave Weinberger's analog of a pile of fallen leaves for folksonomy stirred my thought that the nature of the world is for old things to fade and disintergrate, and for new things to stem from the old.

Well, blogs certainly do spur on new content, but the mass of old content that pile up in their wake is quite phenomenal. What if an author changes their mind but a newcomer finds an old post? Should the author have deleted that thought?

Wikis grow old and die gracefully. From their ashes spring a (hopefully) wiser and more profound set of content. Anyone can clean up a wiki. Blogs are just making a mess.

Now… what shall I write for my next blog post? And should I throw out some of those old clothes or shall I just buy more?

My answer to Martin?

David also said that part of the value of the Wikipedia is the discussion that will be archived for years to come. This way we'll be able to see what people thought on a particular topic at the time – isn't this very like a blog? I think the answer to your question is that you should just buy more (using the clothes analogy). Your ideas at the time are still your ideas – and you shouldn't delete them.

David said that we want complexity – we want to find the answers – that means if someone is reading an old post of yours they will (if they want complexity) pay attention to the date as well as the content and then maybe explore some of your newer ideas as well as the old.

This is a very interesting question – and one that I think we’ve all thought about after posting something that maybe was written in the heat of the moment – what do you do?

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