Wish I was there!

Over at LibrarianInBlack there is a summary of Stephen Abram’s Keynote at CLA 2006. There is so much I want to quote! I wish I was there!

Stephen talked about anegnosis–that we don’t want to admit that things are changing, a resistance to new knowledge. He talked about the fact that we need to focus on the overall user experience with our online resources. Our comfort with the catalog doesn’t matter. The users’ comfort does matter. ….

He quoted Karen Schneider’s famous line: “The user is not broken.” We are trying to turn our users into little librarians. We should not market “information literacy” — we are calling users illiterate before they come to us for help. That does not begin that person’s experience in a good way. Over 40% of online users create their own content for the web. They are online. Where are we?

The talk goes on about how libraries need to be out there mixing with the public where they are – and right now that’s on the Internet. I’m actually reading some interesting articles for class on this – hopefully I’ll get a minute to share my thoughts with you all.

For now, hear more from Stephen Abram in today’s SirsiDynix Webinar:

25 Technologies in 50 Minutes
Nov 14, 2006 – 11am – 12pm
Lots of technologies are due consideration for our library portals. Which would be on your top 25 list? We can’t do it all at once but we should be trying more than a few out to learn about them. Stephen Abram, SirsiDynix’s Vice President of Innovation lists a technology application every 120 seconds in this roller coaster ride of what’s out there in LibraryLand and which one’s are worth playing with and seeing if they’ll be useful to your library and your community of users.

I’ll be logged in at Jenkins Law Library along with my colleagues and a few visitors from the Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association (GPLLA).


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