LibWorm Announced

Yesterday, while I was working on my final projects, news of LibWorm spread throughout the biblioblogosphere. LibWorm is a “Librarianship RSS and Current Awareness Search” by MedWorm's Frankie Dolan and David Rothman.

LibWorm let’s you search for library news across over 1000 RSS feed (including blogs, journal tables of contents and more). I need to poke more before I give my official opinion – but the one thing missing is a way to see what feeds are included. If I find a journal RSS I want to share with others, I want to have an easy way to find out if it’s included and I did a few searches and browsed a bit, it was easy to find news (which is the point) but not the sources for the news (not the point – but a handy addition so that I don’t waste people’s time with suggestions).

Read more from David himself or from LibWorm’s About page.

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