Librarians = Scary?

Okay, I’m done laughing now.

Steven pointed me to an interesting post about librarian bloggers.

There's an ENTIRE SUBCULTURE OF LIBRARIANS WHO BLOG out there. A sad, bizarre subculture. “Canuck Librarian”. “New Jack Librarian”. “Catalogablog”. “Diary of a Subversive Librarian”, even. LIBRARIANS. Who BLOG. What in the HELL could they have to BLOG about??

As you all know – we can be a very vocal bunch – which I guess led to this retraction.

The days of the old lady with the tight bun who “shhhhhh”-es you all the time are GONE, man. These people are COOL. These people KNOW tons of stuff, man. And if you are REALLY nice to them, maybe they'll explain GovDocs to you.

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