Oh Cool – More Ways to Find RSS Feeds for Journals

Christina quotes an email from Ulrich’s Web:

The new “RSS Available” Advanced Search limiter makes it possible for users to identify the growing number of periodicals that are providing headlines, recent issues or other content via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). An RSS feed provides content via XML files that are then read by an RSS reader or web browser. CSA is adding RSS availability data to thousands of individual Ulrich's records so that users can learn about the various frequencies, formats, and providers of these content-delivery feeds. Ulrich's records also display the URL of the RSS feed(s) for the periodical. Users may create their own lists of RSS feed URLs in Ulrichsweb.com, click on the URL to link to the RSS feed, or cut and paste the URL into their preferred RSS reader.

This is one of those tools I didn’t know about until library school (Ulrich’s that is – not RSS) – and it’s so very handy!!

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