1. Susanne

    Hi Nicole…
    Wow, I’m late on responding to this one. I apologize for my delayed response.

    Here goes… 5 things that you may or may not know about me…


    1. When I was a child, my cousin (Tara) and I used to play “library.” We would put pieces of paper into our books, then stamp the due-date on them.

    2. As a child, I attended a preschool that was held inside the local library. My friends and I used to play amongst the books.

    Unrelated to libraries:

    3. I am a shopaholic! I LOVE to shop. While in the past, I’ve enjoyed splurging on clothes for myself (as well as shoes and purses–in fact, at one time, I had well over 40 pairs of shoes!), I now enjoy splurging on clothes for my daughter… Perhaps she’ll be the next fashionista librarian!

    4. I have always loved Mustangs (the car); so, it probably comes as no surprise that my first car was a 1997 Ford Mustang (Gosh, I miss that car!). My dream car is a Saleen Mustang.

    5. Anyone who knows me knows that I am probably one of the most optimistic people you will ever meet. However, most people don’t know the root of my optimism. My father died of cancer in 1985, when I was just 5 years old–and he was just 32. I partially credit my father’s death for my optimism… His death taught me that life is too short, so you should enjoy each day and always try to look on the bright side of things. :-)

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