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I’m trying to catch up on my podcasts (so this post is a bit out of date) and just heard on LibVibe about a quote from Democratic committeeman Albert Paolucci.

“The $29.1 million is just another encumbrance that will not make the libraries more available and efficient. Not when you have bookstores where you can sit and review books at leisure. The State Library is another outlet for those who need information. Every school has a library; would a student venture beyond that school library to seek information or books to read? I do not believe so. Computers have taken the place of the libraries with more information than you will ever need in a lifetime.”

As you’d expect, a comment like this did not go unnoticed. Thomas Preston, executive director of the Poor Peoples Campaign responded by pointing out that library provide more than just books for the public.

Read the story at Library journal and the original letter from Paolucci here.

My opinion? I’m just very tired of people in positions of power being so ignorant when it comes to libraries and technology – if you don’t know what you’re talking about – or haven’t done you homework – don’t talk at all!

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