Most Successful Web Redesign?

This year we’re going to be redesigning our library website. I’ve read tons of articles and attended sessions on different methods, but I’d love to hear from you. What was your most successful redesign project? What do you recommend doing? Not doing? How big was your team?

I thought I’d try and develop a survey using SurveyMonkey because I’ll actually be showing this tool to area librarians next month – and I’ve never used it before. So, if you could fill out my survey and send it on to your librarian friends that would be helpful.

I will share the results here on my blog when I’ve closed the survey.

Thanks in advance!!

[update] Keep those responses coming – I’d love to see more special librarians give me some ideas & answers 🙂 hint hint[/update]

[update2] Survey Closed – keep an eye out for results[/update2]

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