Encouraging Learning 2.0

On Tuesday I taught/presented a professional development session for area law librarians (specifically members of the Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association [GPLLA]). While we aren’t actually doing a full on Learning 2.0 event like other libraries (where staff members learn how to use 2.0 technologies on their own time) I did plant the seed.

I started a wiki for us (and for you all) with a small list of 2.0 technologies that will help us in our daily lives. It is in no way a comprehensive list – and we’re not looking for it to become one. I just thought that it would be a great way to point area librarians to resources that might be handy. After my presentation there were several edits to the page – Yippee!! I hope to see others contribute and add their comments. I know that a wiki is not the best platform for link sharing, but it was a way to allow everyone a chance to learn how to use a wiki.

We’ll see how it goes – and maybe it will lead to a “real” Learning 2.0 event for our staff and GPLLA members – wink wink.

For now, feel free to visit the GPLLA Learning 2.0 Tools Wiki and contribute or just learn something new!

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