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Dear ILS Vendor:

Like it or not, your world has changed. Libraries now have reasonable ILS options beyond proprietary offerings. Not only are there open source applications like Koha and Evergreen, there are outfits like LibLime and Equinox Software lined up to provide support.
So what should you do? I’m sorry, but you get paid a lot of money to figure that out, so you can hardly expect me to give it away for free. But it may be sufficient to say that you can’t simply provide incremental changes to your legacy code.

This from a letter on TechEssence written by Roy Tennant.

You all already know that I agree 100,000% – but there is still the problem of convincing libraries that open source is actually a viable option. Open source != no support – like Roy says, there are companies out there supporting these applications.

Transitioning to a new ILS is scary! And messy. I know that – but it’s even more scary that your library has to make cuts in other areas of the library budget because the ILS vendor is charging you more than a librarian’s salary per year. I suck a math – but it seems like a no brainer to me!

So, not only to I agree with Roy – but I agree with John Blyberg who warns libraries that they too need to catch up with the times.

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