Code4Lib: Ranganathan’s Laws for Conferences

My posts are all out of chronological order – but at least I’m posting 🙂

Roy Tennant opened up the conference on Wednesday with Ranganathan’s 5 Laws for Conferences.

  1. Restrooms are for use
    No explanation needed here 🙂
  2. For every attendee his/her opportunity to participate
    Code4Lib offers breakout sessions & lightening talks which anyone can sign up for – a very different format from any conference I have attended in the past
  3. For every speaker his/her audience
    In addition to the audience in the room, they are filming the conference so that they can stream the videos to all of you who weren’t able to be there. There is also the usual blog coverage.
  4. Save the time of the attendee
    In order to save our time the only 2 people introduced at this conference were the keynotes. Everyone else was in charge of introducing themselves. The presentations were also pretty quick – so if someone was talking about something you didn’t understand it didn’t last very long.
  5. This conference is a growing organism
    In addition to the conference there is the website and IRC channel

While I maybe should have posted this on the first day – I find that it all has more meaning to me now that I have attended most of the conference.

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