Herding Cattle

That’s what Atlanta’s airport reminded me of. I felt like we were being herded like cattle. I had been in that airport before – but only for plane changes, so I had no idea what their security was like. As Philly we have different entry points for each terminal – so there is rarely a line (although I saw a long one on my way out of the airport tonight). At ATL they have only one checkpoint for all terminals. We all get into one of 2 lines that zig zags back and forth. Then we’re herded into different gates – don’t get me wrong, it was pretty darn quick for the number of people waiting – but I felt like we were cattle. First you move through the line then you move through another line and strip yourself of all metal, liquids, and shoes. Then another line where you put everything back on – then another line that goes down and escalator to a train, where we all stand like cattle in a pen and wait to arrive at our terminals.

Anyway, the short version is – I’m home – and I had an interesting experience at the ATL airport 😉

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