Code4Lib: My Conclusions

I know I’m not done with my summaries yet – and I’ll get to them over this week (in between my term paper writing), but I wanted to share my conclusions with you while they were still fresh in my mind.

First – I feel woefully behind the times. I thought that I was doing amazing things – but it’s nothing compared to what some other library programmers are doing.

Second – I desperately want to learn XML – and all that comes with that. I have been meaning to do so for some time, but it’s just impossible to find the time between existing projects at work and my life outside of the library.

Third – The informal quick pace of this conference really suits it! I felt more like I was in a classroom than at a conference – and I felt like my opinion mattered. The small size, short presentations, and fun group all helped with this feeling of belonging.

Overall, I am so grateful to the Oregon State University Libraries for offering me the scholarship that allowed me to attend this event.

I will not be summarizing every talk that I heard over the last week – mostly because I felt a bit overwhelmed and lost while some of the speakers were presenting – but I will summarize as much as I understood. You can find other blog posts on the conference by searching code4lib2007 on Technorati.

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