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I was just playing with the new “traffic” button on Google Maps. It doesn’t look like Philly has this feature yet – but San Fran does and it looks like of interesting. The question I have is how up to date is this info? I don’t see any indication to help me with an answer. For now I’ll stick with the local news.

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  1. Charlotte, NC has Traffic (but only for interstates: I-77, I-85, I-485, and I-277). It doesn’t seem to be terribly up-to-date, but it’s good enough. In Charlotte during rush hour, roads like South Boulevard and Harris Boulevard tend to be more congested than Interstates, especially during the morning rush hour, so I think Google Maps Traffic should also include traffic info for roads in towns as well. It looks like Charlotteans should watch the local news or visit the local news’ website before heading out, since Interstates normally have some minor merging delays, but they normally don’t become a “parking lot” like South Boulevard and other major roads.

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