Forget the Cat – FLOSS = baby’s bottle

I just read a really neat analogy for open source software:

Back to my son, (I’m a proud parent, can you tell?) at 5am when I was mixing him up a bottle (I do one nightly feed so his mum can get some sleep) I was thinking about how doing this was a lot like FLOSS. I got to choose how much water to put in the bottle, how much formula, how warm to make the bottle and when to do it. I took advice from people who know more (midwives, obstetricians) about how much approximately he should be drinking and used that to guide my decisions, but ultimately as my wife and I know our son better than anyone, the decision was ours. This is the same with Open Source software, the people who know the most about their needs get to choose how to use it.

Written by Chris Cormack on the LibLime Developers’ Blog.


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