MySpace Makes Kids Grades Drop

I haven’t found the text of the study yet (no time to do research for anything but school) but I did find this interview from with Dr. Tamyra Pierce. Apparently Dr. Price has found that MySpace effects students grades negatively – which is why I want to read the study. Based on what I heard on the news this morning and read in this interview – it’s the fact that students are goofing off on the Internet instead of doing homework that is effecting grades – which is not MySpace’s fault – it’s the parents fault.

I get so annoyed when the news only gives you enough info to make you panic about the bad effects of these popular social networking sites.


  1. Nicole,

    Thanks for the pointer! I found two articles by Pierce about MySpace from Cal State L.A..’s archive. (She works at CSU Fresno so I’m a bit puzzled.) I’ll have to take a closer look and will be interested to hear what you think.

    Tamyra A. Pierce. (2007 Winter). X-Posed on MySpace: A Content Analysis of “MySpace” Social Networking Sites. Journal of Media Psychology, 12(1).

    Tamyra A. Pierce. (2006 Fall). Talking to Strangers on MySpace: Teens’ Use of Internet Social Networking Sites. Journal of Media Psychology, 11(3).


  2. They have been added to my reading list – 2 final exams left and then I can spend time on “fun” research 🙂

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