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MySpace Makes Kids Grades Drop

Mar - 15 - 2007
Nicole C. Engard

I haven’t found the text of the study yet (no time to do research for anything but school) but I did find this interview from with Dr. Tamyra Pierce. Apparently Dr. Price has found that MySpace effects students grades negatively – which is why I want to read the study. Based on what I heard on the news this morning and read in this interview – it’s the fact that students are goofing off on the Internet instead of doing homework that is effecting grades – which is not MySpace’s fault – it’s the parents fault.

I get so annoyed when the news only gives you enough info to make you panic about the bad effects of these popular social networking sites.

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  2. Jodi A. Schneider says:


    Thanks for the pointer! I found two articles by Pierce about MySpace from Cal State L.A..’s archive. (She works at CSU Fresno so I’m a bit puzzled.) I’ll have to take a closer look and will be interested to hear what you think.

    Tamyra A. Pierce. (2007 Winter). X-Posed on MySpace: A Content Analysis of “MySpace” Social Networking Sites. Journal of Media Psychology, 12(1).

    Tamyra A. Pierce. (2006 Fall). Talking to Strangers on MySpace: Teens’ Use of Internet Social Networking Sites. Journal of Media Psychology, 11(3).


  3. Nicole says:

    They have been added to my reading list – 2 final exams left and then I can spend time on “fun” research :)

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