My Code4Lib Lightening Talk

My Code4Lib Lightening Talk is now available on video. While I was listening to others I thought “Wow, 5 minutes is a long time! Look how much they can cover” – but when I got up there – I learned that 5 minutes is not long at all!!! Anyway, if you want to see my lightening talk on Jenkins Intranet you can view it in Large MP4 Format 12.3 Mb or Small MP4 Format 1.7 Mb.

See the other videos from the conference.

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  1. Hey Nicole, I just read your write up in the March 15th supplement to Library Journal. I was a classmate of yours at Drexel and just wanted to say how impressed I am! I will certainly keep your blog on my favorites since there are so many topics you cover, and hopefully I can bring some of those services to my library as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. So glad I could help!! What class were we in together? And what library do you work at? Feel free to email anytime if you want more tips or ideas.

  3. Loved your talk. We are looking for an Intranet solution that works like yours.

    I am interested in using the WYSIWYG editor that you have implemented. Could you provide more info on how where I could get that?

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