What a way to wake up!

Let’s just say that yesterday was not the best day. It’s a stressful day at work and it was sleeting all day – making it very hard to walk to happy hour and back to the El without falling. Then when we were on the El I realized it was the weekend and right now SEPTA has shuttle buses replacing the El starting on Friday nights due to construction! So we shuffled off of the El and walked through more falling ice trying not to fall to the bus. Then we got to the station right as our 9:07pm bus was pulling out – leaving us standing there waiting for an entire hour for the next bus! Then we got home to find 2 cars stuck in the ice at the top of our street, so we (well – not me – my husband and friends) had to help dig and push until the cars were freed. Lastly, we had to help our friends dig their car out so they too could get home.

All that and I wake up this morning to an email from Facebook saying that Darlene Fichter has written on my wall – congratulating me on Moving & Shaking in 2007!! So I promptly went to LJ Online to find the article. For those who don’t know – to be a Mover & Shaker you have to be nominated by your peers. And I have to send out a great big thank you to Jenny Hohenstein who wrote “We needed to communicate efficiently, and email and voicemail just weren’t good enough, Nicole turned the intranet into the tool we knew we needed but hadn’t been able to imagine."

If you want to read the entire article & all of the other great articles you can on the Library Journal site.

Congrats to all! And thanks so much to those who wrote to LJ with nice things to say about me!! It was a great way to wipe away yesterday and start fresh today.

Now I’m off to go house shopping – we have 5 appointments – all in the ice & snow!


  1. Congratulations Nicole and very well deserved. Take a bow!

  2. Congratulations!

    and I hope your house hunting went well.

  3. Found the perfect house – now I just have to find the money for said house!

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