Google Homepage Themes

I first read about this on Lifehacker. Google now lets you choose a theme for your Google homepage. The neat thing is that I picked the Tea House theme which has a skyline in the background. When I chose the theme, it asked me for where I lived so it could make the skyline match that of my home town. Pretty nifty :)

These are the kinds of things that really aren’t necessary, but adds that little bit of extra oomph to the experience.

[update]skyline = sky coloring to the time of day (bright or dark) [/update]


  1. Does it actually match the skyline with the city in which one lives? I thought it just matched the *coloring* to the time of day where you are to simulate things like sunrise and sunset.

  2. You are right – I meant that kind of skyline :) I guess I just used the wrong word. At 5am this morning my Google Homepage had a dark sky and now it has a sunny sky.

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