Manage Technology Change the Right Way

I just found this article via OPL Plus (one of my favorite blogs) which gives tips on managing technology change the right way.

My favorite tips are #2 & 3:

2. Don't get emotionally attached to a particular technology.

Once we've been using something for a while, we tend to get comfortable with it. It's easy to look at a particular product that has a certain limited set of features (as all products do), and try to bend that product around the problem we are trying to solve.

When approaching a particular problem that needs to be solved, be technologically agnostic. Instead of trying to wrap that technology around your problem, approach the problem with several different possible technologies that might work.

3. Continuously research competing technologies to the ones you are using now.

While Product X may have been the best product for the technology challenge you had two years ago, the market for that particular technology may have changed quite dramatically since you last had the problem in question.

Product Y may now do in half the time what Product X does for you now.

Can you guess why? Because it touches on my favorite ranting topic – the ILS. Yes, the system you have might have been the best for you in 1994 – but things have changed a lot since then. Change in painful no matter when you start the process – but it’s a necessary part of life and business.

So – get out there and start researching – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find!

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