Where do you keep your website?

I just read this funny dialog between a board officer and a web developer.

US/Canada Border Officer: "Are you coming for business or pleasure sir?"
Me: "Business"
Officer: "What is the nature of your stay?"
Me: "I'm a web developer and I'm meeting with a client in Oregon to discuss a project."
Border Officer: "What's the name of the client?"
Me: "pMachine."
Officer: "Are you bringing any websites with you?"
Me: Blank stare
Officer: "Do you have any websites in the car, sir?"

It’s funny and a little sad. You can read the entire dialog at the Digital Web Magazine site.

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  1. Oh, he’s not stupid, just ahead of his time! One day soon we’ll all be walking websites, with constantly updating information, and servers will fit on your key ring… *stifles giggle*

    Doesn’t it sound lovely, though?

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