The Term Starts Monday

So, spring term starts on Monday! It’s my 3rd of 4 terms and then I’ll have my MLIS!

This term I’m taking:

  • Managing Information Orgs (Info 640)
  • Legal Bibliography (Info 681)
  • Cataloging & Classification I (Info 660)

It’s going to be a pretty heavy workload – but I’m looking forward to it – specifically the management class. Stay tuned for for updates throughout the term.


  1. Wow! I can’t believe you’re so far in already! My management class was my all-time favorite class in grad school. We created strategic plans and read cool Harvard and Stanford case studies. Made me realize that I’d probably have a lot of fun in an MBA program (other than the financy numbers stuff — blech!).

  2. I actually want to get an MBA one day – but I need a break – a long one before I do that 🙂

  3. Who is teaching your cataloging class?

  4. Rebekah Kilzer – are you taking the course too?

  5. No, I did last year, and Prof. Kilzer taught my class. She’s awesome, you’ll learn a lot.

    I’ve also taken INFO 640, and found it far more interesting than I thought I would. So, good luck with your classes and the new term!

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