Amazing Open Access Podcast

Today I’ve been listening to (and haven’t finished yet) the Open Access Podcast by Gavin Yamey at MediaBerkman.

What an amazing talk – can’t wait to listen to Part two. While we all have probably made the argument for Open Access to knowledge before, Gavin’s talk really renewed my excitement about it.

The best part – well, one of the best parts – of his presentation was that copyright was never meant to make journal publishers millions of dollars. It was meant to protect the rights of the author – so why not use creative commons licenses on academic papers to that everyone has access to the paper?

What a great way to bridge the information divide? There is no reason why people in poorer countries should have to suffer from lack of information because journals want to make millions.

I recommend listening to this podcast – I’ll fill you in on part two when I finally get around to listening to it.

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  1. I can vouch for Nicole that this was an amazing talk — I was there in person. It’s too bad the computer would not work in the room; I would have loved to have seen his PowerPoint slides! OA is an exciting topic, and Gavin was a great presenter. It makes one hopeful that OA will find its way into other fields as well.

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