7 Ways to motivate your millennial

On the opposite end of things (I’m referring to my last post from a few minutes ago) – what can managers do to keep new employees motivated? Ryan Healy writes at Brazen Careerist about 7 ways to motivate your millennial employees.

What an amazing list! And a great guide for managers.

One that strikes home for me is #6, Be my friend. I had a manager once (long long ago) who sat me down and told me that we couldn’t be friends – yes, he actually said that – he said it wasn’t appropriate for managers to be friends with their employees and that one day, when I became a manager I’d understand. Well, I can tell you that just ain’t so! I’m friends with the employee I manage and it has worked out just great. Giving a little respect to those who work under you can make all of the difference in the way they complete their work.

Other great tips:

1. Be Spontaneous
You don't have to make any drastic changes. Something as small as going out for a long lunch with a few co workers could be enough to keep me from going insane in my cubicle. If you want to get a little crazy, tell me to go home at 1pm every once in a while – and really mean it. If I think you don't really mean it, I won't use it. Even holding a scheduled meeting in a different location, like a local coffee shop or deli can throw a wrench in the status quo.

5. Keep me in the loop
Not having any idea about major business events on the horizon can be really frustrating. I realize there is often confidential information that needs to stay in the hands of upper management, but I want to understand where I fit in. For example, if I'm on the iMac team then it's fine if you don't tell me about the iPhone. But if you want me to do work on the iPhone, you have to tell explain to me what I'm working on. If you don't trust me to keep confidential information confidential, you should fire me.

Read the entire list and share it with those around you (not just managers).

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. The list actually came from my own observations as well as conversations with friends and peers, so I can’t take all the credit! Thanks for linking to the post, I wil be sure to check back in the future.


  2. Ryan – I can tell you that this doesn’t just apply to millennials either – I bet a lot of managers could use to follow some of these tips with all of their employees (regardless of age).

  3. Great advice for managers in general. I especially like the feedback part. Employees have a lot to contribute… if they didn’t they shouldn’t be your employees. 🙂

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