Amazing OSS Podcast

I just listened to this amazing podcast – it’s a bit old (in Internet terms – from last July) but it’s still well worth a listen!!

The podcast is of Eben Moglen, Professor of Law and Legal History as he talks about The Renaissance of Invention: Free Software and the Next American Century. Let me tell you – I almost started clapping with the audience while listening to this podcast – which might have gotten me killed considering I was on the El on my way home.

One of the most amazing parts of this awesome podcast was the question of user rights when it comes to software. The question led to this analogy:

In 2006, the home is real estate with some appliances in it. In 2016, the home is a digital data processing network for entertainment, learning, and the operation of life with some real estate wrapped around it. The question is, who gets the keys to your home? You? Or the people who deliver the pizza and the movies?

How great is that? Go out and listen to this podcast – and maybe subscribe to the feed for Open Source Conversations and listen to other great talks.

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