Are people writing less?

Is something up with Bloglines or are people writing less? I usually have hundreds of things to read (thousands if I do my homework like I should) – and yet I’ve been able to keep up lately. Also, all feeds are looking wierd and not very helpful at all. I might have to join a lot of you and check out Google Reader.

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  1. Maybe it’s because of the beginning of conference season?

  2. I believe people are writing less–actually, I’m pretty sure of that as a long-term trend. (I’m finding it easier and easier to keep up with some 350 liblogs.) Conference season probably has a short-term effect. Maybe the hyperconnected are too busy twittering to blog?

  3. Yikes!! Twitter is replacing blogging?? Hehe. Well I’m grateful at least I’m able to keep up.

  4. Bloggers may be writing less, but this week isn’t a fair indicator of that. Between the religious holiday and spring breaks many people are traveling, babysitting, or otherwise distracted. In some areas of the country, they may even be reveling in good weather.

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