My bookmarks for 2007-04-11

  • Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid
    Just because an extension is popular doesn’t mean it belongs in your Web browser.
  • Literary Worlds Splash
    Explore, research, interact, and role play in virtual worlds based on literary works — a resource for students and teachers.
  • Citebite – Link directly to specific quotes in web pages
    Paste a chunk of text and the URL of the page containing the text and in return get a link that opens directly to your selection and highlights it.
  • Internet Detective
  • Sneak peek: LibraryThing for Libraries
  • ISSN for Weblogs
    You can apply for and use an International Standard Serial Number for your Weblog. Your blog will then officially exist in the worldwide standardized encyclopedia of periodicals.
  • ocropus – Google Code
    OCRopus is a state-of-the-art document analysis and OCR system, featuring pluggable layout analysis, pluggable character recognition, statistical natural language modeling, and multi-lingual capabilities.
  • Distributed Proofreaders
    Distributed Proofreaders provides a web-based method to ease the conversion of Public Domain books into e-books. By dividing the workload into individual pages, many volunteers can work on a book at the same time, which significantly speeds up the creatio
  • Connotea
    Free online reference management for clinicians and scientists
    A Recommendation Service for Library-related Websites

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