Changes Abound

You may be wondering why I’ve written about change so much lately – well that’s because I have a big one on the horizon for me. I’ve been holding in this secret for too long now!

After 6 years at Jenkins Law Library, I will be leaving on May 8th and moving on to a new position. I cannot share more details yet (papers to sign), but my notice has been given at work and the house hunt has begun.

The change will be hard for me – Jenkins was my first job right out of college and I’ve learned so much and had so many opportunities while there – but at the same time it’s going to be a very exciting time for me.

Keep an eye out for more information later this month!!


  1. rayana

    yes… i must pick up the pebble now…

  2. Congrats Nicole! Can’t wait to here more !

  3. Kathryn, can’t afford a break – I’ll be going right from one into the other.

    Ray, hehe :)

    Everyone, Thanks!!!

  4. Looking forward to the scoop :) Change is good!

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