You’ve probably heard about…

I realized at this conference that as a blogger I, and other blogger/presenters, assume that people have the same knowledge as us. I frequently heard blogger/presenters say “you’ve probably heard about …” or “you’ve seen the …. video already”, but the fact of the matter is that we’re really still a small minority. I make the same mistakes – I always assume that those around me have heard of specific people or tools when in fact they don’t.

I think we (bloggers) have to try and get our libraries to read more of the conversations going on online. Andy Carvin really portrayed how blogs and user-generated content are coming into the mainstream – how they’re a useful tool – but we as librarians have to make that sale in our libraries.

I incorporated the option for people to use our intranet as an RSS reader (a very limited on – but still it’s there) – and even that has not helped keep people up to date.

I’d love to hear what some of you are doing in your library to help keep people up on what’s happening in libraryland and web 2.0-land. Maybe next year when we say “you’ve heard of …” people will start nodding instead of looking blankly at us.

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