Thoughts on Google Reader

So today I switched to Google Reader. My husband has been raving about it – and a bunch of librarian buddies were using it at CIL. Here are my first impressions.

  1. I can’t share my subscription list – just individual posts (unless someone tells me otherwise)
  2. I can’t widen the left column to see full titles and number of new posts (and I can’t scroll left to right either)
  3. sometimes I don’t want to scroll – sometimes I can see everything that is new on one screen – but if I don’t scroll things aren’t marked new. I know I can change that option – but then I’m back where I was with Bloglines.

So – is the change worth it? I don’t know – I’ll stick to it for a bit, but right now I’m getting annoyed at little things that I was used to before.


  1. You can share tags (and their referents). That should be slightly more than individual posts, assuming you tag stuff. If you can auto-tag separate feeds, then it’s equivalent capability.

    Sharing FAQ:

    I don’t know, since I don’t use Reader, just going on the documentation. I’m still hanging on on my Google “Personalized Homepage” where your RSS lands on in my lower right column. 🙂

  2. I did share my tags – and it looks like my feeds are tagged – but when I view my shared page there is nothing there – so I thought maybe I had to share individual items.

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