Good News

It’s finally here! My official letter. I can now share my good news with you all (I gave you a teaser earlier). I have accepted the position of Cataloging & Metadata Librarian at Princeton Theological Seminary.

I will be working in the Special Collections department on digitization projects. The library is awesome and they have so many unique collections to digitize!

My last day at Jenkins is May 8th and the new job starts on Monday the 14th. I might be a little quiet as I get adjusted to my new surroundings – but have no fear, I will return!

[update] I was sent the wrong job description – my real title is Metadata Librarian – like I first thought 🙂 Just thought I’d update this post. [/update]


  1. Congratulations! I hope the transition is smooth. Good luck!

  2. So glad you can officially make the announcement. I am so excited that you will be working in Princeton and am looking forward to lunches together — and hopefully a few happy hours too. Congratulations!!!

  3. congratulations! i work at the university as a cataloger – i think you’ll like living here! send me an email some time. we can have coffee!

  4. Congratulations! I work in Firestone Library at Princeton. I hear the PTSEM folks have some very interesting plans (and that position did look really interesting!) Anyway, welcome to the area… it’s good to have another code4lib’ber around.

  5. That’s awesome, Nicole! Congrats!

  6. Thanks everyone! I’m very excited – and even more happy that I could finally make the announcement – it’s been almost a month that I’ve known!!

  7. Nicole,

    That’s great news! Congratulations! This sounds like a great position for someone with your technology background.


  8. Congrats! I worked as a student worker there in the late 90s before I decided to become a librarian. It really is a great library and the people there are also terrific.

  9. Richard, the people are what it’s all about! Thanks!

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