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Well, you can’t say I didn’t give it a real try – after sticking with Google Reader I just couldn’t get over the problems I was having – so I’m back at Bloglines with an updated (shareable) list of feeds.

Basically I liked the reading interface and the fact that I couldn’t accidentally click on a folder and mark everything read – but that’s about it. I hate that I couldn’t resize the left column or see how many posts I really had to read (100+ means diddly squat when you subscribe to as much as I do).

I’ll still keep an eye on Google Reader to see if they make any significant upgrades – but until then, it’s back to my first choice 🙂

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  1. welcome back!

  2. I’m with you on this. I tried Google Reader because there were some blogs that Bloglines was having trouble with. Once those issues were resolved, it was easy to go back to Bloglines, which I think has a cleaner and friendlier interface.

  3. You and I share the same peeves about Google Reader. I’m holding out in hopes these things get fixed, however, I still have my Bloglines running.

    I remember there were a lot of issues when I first got my gmail account (you couldn’t write an email draft, etc.) and they eventually fixed those. Hopefully, the same thing happens with Google Reader because I really want to adjust that left column, dang it!

  4. I switched back to Bloglines the first two times I tried Google Reader, but the whole “accidentally marking an entire folder read” thing in Bloglines has totally become a dealbreaker for me. I’m only slightly annoyed by the two things you’ve pointed out, but I would become incensed whenever I lost hundreds of items with no easy way to isolate them again.

  5. Aw shucks! I’ve lost you back to the non-Google world.

    I too got a little annoyed by the “100+ items to read” until I started categorizing all my feeds and plunking them into folders. Very rarely does a single folder go over 100. And by using folders, I can also try valiantly to do only personal things at home and work things at work.

    Also, for the left-column thing, did you try using the “u” command? That hides the left column when you’re reading posts. I stumbled over that last night, completely by accident.

    Okay. I’m going to stop trying to woo you back, because it’s probably more than a little annoying. It’s not meant to be – but I feel I have to defend GReader a little since I raved about it to you earlier. 🙂

  6. Megan,

    I don’t want to hide the left column – I want to widen it so I can see how many items each feed has.

    Unfortunately, I do have folders – quite a few, but I still got the 100+ thing happening 🙁


    I too like the way Google let me see all posts whether they were read or not … but I was just getting too annoyed.


    I’ll keep an eye on Google and when I see some changes – I’ll switch back and give it a fair go again.

  7. I could probably get over those issues in time, although the 100+ thing does stress me out ,and I have many folders that always display 100+.

    No, the deal breaker for me was the fact that I couldn’t figure out how to do something that is so simple in Bloglines. I do not want to see a blog post every time it is updated. I only want to see its first instance. I’m sure bloggers care about updates or additions to their own posts, but I really don’t have time for it.

    If anyone knows how to resolve this problem I am all ears, otherwise back to Bloglines I go.

  8. I agree with the 100+. I am also glad to hear I am not the only one bugged about not being able to resize the left side! A real irritation of mine is not being able to create a new folder as easily as I could in bloglines. I am an information junkie and subscribe to new things at almost every heartbeat! I still can not figure out how to set up a new folder in Google Reader. I like things organized and can not stand things out of place! It was so easy to communicate with people at bloglines, while you have to post your question or bugaboo on a blog with Google-Bloglines wonderful people are there often the same day or the next with a knowledgeable solution. I think I am going back!

  9. I had the same experience. It took Bloglines a while to solve its LISHost problem, but once it did, I returned. That’s partly because I like having a mix of providers, but partly because Bloglines seems to fit.

  10. Linda, folders in Google Reader are actually tags – so you create a new tag and apply that to your feed – that’s where the folders come in – it’s a bit annoying – especially when you want to switch back and import your edited subscriptions into Bloglines.

  11. Thanks, Nicole! Do I create tags on the bottom of the blog posts or where do I create them? It was so easy in bloglines!

  12. Thanks, Nicole! How do I create new tags? It was so easy in bloglines!

  13. After you subscribe to a feed – or have it open you click on Feed settings on the top right. There is a list of existing folders and the option to make a new one.

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