One Search to Rule Them All

Sorry – I couldn’t resist 🙂

Apparently Google is planning on offering a Universal Search:

Universal Search means that standard Google searches will draw results from separate Google properties that target information about books, local information, images, news, and video, Mayer said.

“It’s breaking down the silos of information that have been built up. It’s a broad, long-term vision that will unfold over the next few years,” Mayer said. “We are really excited about what Universal Search could evolve to in the future.”

The combined search includes any site indexed by Google’s services, such as YouTube, Google Video and independent video sites like

Sounds pretty nifty – and a lot like what you hear at some library conferences – people want to find all results (books, articles, DVDs, CDs, etc – on our parts) in one place – all resources on one topic together on one page.

My hope is that while we can search everything – we’ll still have the option to search one at a time if we want – which I’m sure will be the case.

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