Ask City!

I was listening to the most recent Library Geeks Podcast yesterday and wanted to share one thing that I learned (I learned a lot – but I want you to go and listen to what Gary Price has to say).

Ask City Screenshot

I learned about Ask City, a map search by This is not just another map app though! This is the coolest thing thing maps hit the web. What’s so cool? Well, using the tools below the map, you can draw a shape. Then you can search within that shape for the Businesses, Events, or Movies you’re interested in.

As some of you know, I’m looking for a new home. I’m looking in an area I know nothing about – so when the realtor sites ask me for a zip and to choose surrounding areas – I’m lost! If they had a tool like this I could draw a shape around the area I want to live and let them figure out the specifics. How cool would that be?

Well, for now I’ll stick to the old fashioned way and hope I end up in the right place! For now though, Ask has become my map app of choice (for everything else) on the web!!


  1. it’s about time something like this came out. about time. i miss and their block-by-block street-level photos on their maps though.

  2. Well – MS Live Map Search might give you what you’re looking for. They have a bird’s eye view. I think Gary said these pics are taken from a helicopter so it’s not the satellite images you’re used to from other map services.

  3. but i liked the feeling i was walking down the street from the comfort of my home — i guess bird’s eye view will do 😀

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