Google Burner?

I just read that Google is considering buying FeedBurner. At first it didn’t really surprise or worry me – but then I read this:

With this deal, Google can integrate both AdWords and, soon, DoubleClick into FeedBurner’s feeds as well as create more sophisticated RSS search tools.

I have just one thing to say – if Google does buy FeedBurner and does put ads on my feed I will switch back to using just my default WordPress feed – even if it means I don’t get the cool stats that I get now.


  1. Google is the new Microsoft.

    I was a Mac person until two years ago, then I finally and regretfully bought a Compaq laptop based more on cost than anything… Don’t get me wrong, I like Microsoft products (Office) it’s just that I don’t need Gates involved in every aspect of my life. Now the same can be said of Google. It’s fair to say that Microsoft owns the software that runs our PCs, and it’s quickly becoming evident that Google owns or will own at least a piece of much of the information we need to function.

    I am now suspect of Google… They’ve already grown far too powerful. They index all of our searches, it’s creepy. Someday, everything will be Microsoft/Google. Like in “Fight Club” planet Starbucks… Angela and ministers of grace defend us!

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