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Homework & Finals Pile
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Lately all I’ve had time to do is write my finals. I have a legal pathfinder, a legal final exam (all essays), a cataloging exam (10 questions), a cataloging project (4 originally cataloged records) and a paper on how to apply six sigma to a library! This is my pile of books & computer. I usually put things like this when I need them out of the way.

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  1. But it’s such a neat and tidy little stack of school things! I’ve been mucking out my home office, which after 2 years of grad school had become a black hole. It’s amazing, the things I’ve been finding.

    Good luck with all the end-of-term assignments. I found that the cataloging project was actually pretty easy.

    This might be a stupid question, but can you explain “how to apply six sigma to a library?”

  2. NO!!! It’s silly really!! There are articles though – do a search for service organizations and six sigma – I don’t buy them, but I did find them.

  3. After I asked you about six sigma I poked around and found some articles – and my head swam!

  4. I liked your picture because I’ve also been known to take snapshots of my textbooks, LOL.

    Also, Manheimer and AACR2 look really familiar because I’m also taking 660 this semester. I’m not in your class, though.

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