Interview in Second Life

I was just handed an article in today’s Wall Street Journal titled “A Job Interview You Don’t Have to Show Up For.” Apparently some big companies are experimenting with holding interviews in Second Life!! Personally, I think it’s a bit silly – but I guess I can see the merits if the job is for a programmer or tech savvy person.

But on Second Life, job seekers who are less tech-savvy are finding they can wind up shooting themselves in their virtual feet. When they start, some people have a hard time designing and controlling their avatars. Stephan Dowler, 37, a chef in Frederick, Md., went through an online training course offered by TMP before the recruitment event.

“I spent six hours working on the character and figuring out how to get around,” says Mr. Dowler, who applied for a job as an executive chef at Sodexho.

He named his avatar Estephan Dollinger. “I gave him a big nose and brown eyes like me,” he says. But he couldn’t figure out how to dress the avatar in a suit for the interview, so Estephan showed up wearing jeans and a pullover.

Mr. Dowler didn’t have any major technical problems, although during the job interview, he couldn’t figure out how to manipulate the avatar to sit in the chair — so he sat it on top instead. (Others at the event began floating in the air while doing their interviews.) It sometimes became confusing when different Sodexho employees asked him questions at the same time, he says.

I guess if you’re interviewing for Google and you can’t get your avatar to stay on the ground you might not be cut out for the job … but I still think you should see and talk to people in person – even if it is just for their second interview 🙂


  1. This will actually be a lot more practical when the SL voice client is released… like a phone interview but with, you know, levitation.

  2. Hehe that’s kind of neat – but I think the point was that people aren’t supposed to be levitating 🙂

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