Princeton Public Library

On Friday my husband and I did a quick walk through of the public library in Princeton . I want to share some quotes.

  • When we walked in the door: “This is a library?”
  • As we browsed around a floor with computers everywhere: “This is your kind of library, isn’t it?”
  • As we left the library: “That library was fancy!”

All the above were stated by my husband as we walked through with our mouths open! The Princeton Public Library is an awesome building! It has the perfect balance of bookstore and library blended together.

I haven’t been in many libraries across the country/world – which is why when I left I said: “See, libraries can be cool – this is why I want to do a library tour one day and see as many neat libraries as I can.”

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  1. I did an internship at PPL while completing my MLIS degree at Rutgers. I learned a lot while I was there.

    It’s too bad there aren’t more libraries like it.

    John Klima

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