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Google “My Maps”

Jul - 13 - 2007
Nicole C. Engard

I saw this new tab earlier but just ignored it (who needs another “my” tool?), but then I read what it was all about on Lifehacker and had to share.

To add multiple layers of data points to your maps – like information about real estate prices, weather, earthquakes and movie showtimes – from the “My Maps” tab hit “Add content,” and watch all those third-party Google maps mashups get consolidated onto GMaps proper.

Very very very cool! This is a great example of how using user-generated content can add value to your tool (or possibly – you library catalog?).

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Lisa says:

    Have you seen mapmyrun? It is geared toward runners, but is an awesome workout tool for not only those who run but also walk, bike, etc.

    How’s the school term so far?

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m not much for the outdoorsy exercise :) Term is going well – I’m counting the minutes until I graduate.

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