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– Two views on security in software – One is you hope no one finds the problem the other is that you put it out there and hope someone fixes it.

– FreeCiv – Free civ-like game

– Howard County Library System is all open source as well as 2-3 libraries in NZ

– How does staff get around the non-admin rights issue at their institutions. Staff understands – but how do they learn about these new tools in order to get things installed on their systems.

– Price savings is a way to sell OS – but it’s not really the be all and end all – it may not be free.

– Small libraries are generally more agile and can make the change easier than a big organization

– The city of Paris and Munich has gone open source – it has been done on a large scale – just not necessarily in libraries. – search for Evergreen and Koha libraries by using the Advanced Search. Keep in mind that not all libraries using Koha are listed here – there are many small libraries that have never reported which ILS they’re using – but this tool will give you a good idea of what’s being done with the OS ILS

– Chris Cormack gave a history of Koha

– Case Studies –

– No one knows of libraries that are using Vista as the operating system

– Open Office is really user friendly and lets you bring in document from MS Office.

– Sounds like Ubuntu is trying to get people on board and removing the fear associated with switching to OSS

– Greg from NYPL was able to install Ubuntu on a work box – (works in the web office) been using more OSS for web work – Quanta Plus, Scream and GFTP – he’s trying to get away from Dreamweaver and Flash and learn to use the Linux tools more. Meredith asked: How do the tools compare? “You get used to using a certain tool set which makes the difference difficult – but since Ubuntu loads so much faster than Windows I’m ready to work right away” (Polly mentioned going off to get coffee after starting her computer at work – I go off and get tea).

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