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Most you know that I’m one of those people who stuck with Bloglines when everyone migrated over to Google Reader. Well, the pay off is here! Bloglines has announced a new Bloglines Beta and it’s slick! I’ve only been playing for a few minutes (I have to get to work!) but I wanted to share this new release with everyone.

Features I’ve found so far:

  • Clicking a folder doesn’t mark everything read – you have to scroll through or click “Mark all read”
  • New Bloglines homepage allows you to put your favorite feeds on the opening page
  • Different view options let you choose traditional 2 pane view or the new 3 pane view (like email)

Check it out if you’re still a Bloglines user – and if you’re not – maybe you should give it a looksie anyway.

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  1. Hi Nicole-

    How is this a pay-off for sticking with Bloglines? One can export an opml from either and move to the other in a matter of minutes.

    Some of these features are clearly in imitation of Google Reader (clicking “mark all as read”, having a compact view of feed items) and others don’t appeal to me (the “Start Page” stuff)- but I really like the three-pane view. That’s neat!

  2. Nicole,

    Since you’re a real Blogliner, I wanted to reach out and say thanks for being such a fan. We appreciate it.

    FYI – We just launched another release a few minutes ago which includes Pin, Email a Post and Hotkeys. We’ll continue launching more features in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

    In the meantime, we’re in the forums and surfing the web listening to Blogliners like yourself.

    Eric Engleman – Team Bloglines

  3. I just saw the info about the new release and will be playing with the new tools today. I also posted on the forums with my one request – keep the public URL available.

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