Inspire Innovation

Over at Designing Better Libraries, Steven Bell has a post listing a few innovation blogs to get your creative juices flowing:

Ideas 108 – This blog is dedicated to providing you with a steady stream of creative problem-solving tips and techniques.

The Innovator's Digest – Gerald Haman's new weblog, which appears to be focused on helping to promote his new Innovation Tool of the Month Club. But it also contains weekly "question banks" that can help you to come up with creative ideas to help solve the challenges you face, and various posts on the value of creative problem-solving tools and techniques. It's good to see you in the blogosphere, Gerald!

Think Differently – The catchphrase for this blog speaks volumes to me. It says "get ahead by doing something different "” not what everybody else is doing or what you'd always be doing." That seems like a great way to express what innovation is about, and to make things better this blog actually has a category for Design Thinking.

Innovation Weblog – a meta-index of the latest innovation trends, news, technology, resources and viewpoints. It covers topics including innovation research and best practices and strategies, innovation management, business use of Weblogs for ideation and collaboration, and much more!

I’m so far behind on blog reading that I won’t be adding these to my blogroll just yet – but I still wanted to share them with everyone who might have missed Steven’s post.

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