Leaping on LibraryThing

I have finally made the leap! As I unpacked boxes (and boxes) of books I entered them into LibraryThing. My lifetime membership is going to come in handy (it has already helped me weed out duplicated from my collection). My focus was on entering the books (not organizing them) so my tags are rather lacking, but I see myself improving on my collection over the next few months.

Some thoughts on LibraryThing.

It’s amazing for someone with modern books and a UPC scanner. For someone with older books (pre-1990 – which really isn’t that old) it can be a bit of challenge. I found that using the UPC scanner on books from the 90s wasn’t always effective and books pre-1990 were frequently lacking an ISBN.

Entering books by hand can be a bit daunting for librarians (maybe not for an average person). I wanted to be able to enter in all of the fields I’m used to entering when I catalog books … but the fields were built for average users – not librarians so I had to figure out the best way to enter number of pages and publishing info.

All that said, I’m so happy that I can finally share and search my personal library. Thanks LibraryThing folks!

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