Submit has been clicked

I just called my husband into the room to share in my momentous occasion. I have submitted my final MLIS paper ever!!! That’s right folks, while I do not have my final grades yet, the work is done!!! Now I can come home from work and veg if I want to, I can spend my Saturday mornings relaxing on my new deck and reading a good book, I can go on vacation and leave the laptop at home (well – that may be a stretch – but it’s possible).

Once it’s officially official I will let you all know. I am also working on a “What I Learned in Library School” post – so keep an eye out.


  1. Congrats, Nicole! I can still remember that feeling and, boy howdy, it was sweet. Enjoy it 🙂

  2. Woo Hoo! That must be a relief — now all you have to do is prepare for you tech talk 😉 I remember turning in my final papers about 2 hours before I was heading to the border to move to the US and start my new job. That was back in the day when we handed in our work on actual paper and did not just hit send.
    Enjoy your weekend! See you when we get back from the Mouse House.

  3. I could not be prouder!!! Now you can:

    Sleep tight, sweet dreams, see ya in the morning, God Bless you… sweet child
    I love you.

  4. So, you’re ready to start work on that PhD now????


  5. Fat Chance!!! I’m going to take a well deserved break – and by break I mean present 5 times a month and write several articles.

  6. Congratulations,

    I hope you do have a good break planned. If you don’t then
    I invite you to Alaska. You can come and help me make
    Koha fit my requirements. 🙂


  7. Way to go!!! I remember that feeling so well. Expect to feel rather dazed for a few days, and to have a powerful desire to sleep. Go with it, and enjoy the fact that there is no homework due!

  8. Boy was that fast..he…he Congrats Nicole! I’m right behind ya, in a part-time, one day a week sort of way. Well maybe not right behind 🙂 get some relaxation!

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